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Password Protection

Now you may block the access of statistics by adding password

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You may find your created urls by locating description

กำหนดเป้าหมายภูมิศาสตร์ Want to Add more locations?

Want to redirect different pages for different geologically located users, you may acquire this ability through the same url by selecting country and entering your URL.

best url shortener.

URL Shortener

Now you can get short and tiny urls to share your link on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus or many other social website, you can hide your url and easily get a small URL for share. Also get YouTube video short urls from here.

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Our Short URL Service Features

  • Its free to get Short URL for your share.
  • You can get Short URL with and Without Registration Process.
  • You can get Custom URL to make it more shorter.
  • Make your URL Password Protected.
  • Set Geotarget for your website to make it accessible on specific or your desired countries.
  • Easily Redirect your users to your desired URLs.
  • You can get our free support by register with us.
  • Its very simpler to get your tiny URLs.

tiny url feature.

Password Protected

You can set your desired Password to make your link more secure and save it from unauthorized access.


Now its on your finger tips to make your URL for Global access or for some specific countries for access.

Bulk Links

You can get short code for Bulk links at a time, you need to register with to get Bulk Links shorten access.


You can share your generated link directly from Dashboard to your desired Social media website like twitter, Facebook & Gplus.







Hide your Affiliated URL

Some time you need to post something that you don’t want to let it know before clicking it? Move URL shortener makes it possible for you. After shrinking your URL with move url shortener your affiliate link will be hidden from the visitors, only a short url address and ending address will visible for its user.

Tiny URL for SEO

Move link shrink tool is perfect for use of seo purposes, to rank up well seo consultant utilize different ways to share their post links, they needs tools to hide up identity of URL, this platform have all those tool to customize link and keep track of every single click of a URL.
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Being a best URL shortener tool, our system has some advance options such as password protections for your short URL, custom allies for your URL. Get advantage of description addition option and geographically target options for your specific URL.

Powerful Graphical interface

Beautiful and easy to mange interface lets you control everything. Gives freedom to manage your URLs, create bundles, and manage your splash pages and your setting. Keep the record of URL bundles with beautiful graphical interface. Move URL shortener is your way to keep track your own Long URL with your own costume short url that is easy to manage and simple to share and record.

Easy Redirection with Short URLs Choose your desired pages to make your redirection easy

Are you looking for shrinking your Long URLs into a manageable short link? Move Url shortener is your tool for shrink up your long URLs into a manageable short link. Our system allows you to keep record of your tiny url in real time. By entering your Long URL in text field below, a shrink URL of your Long URL will appear that will never expire and you can share it keep track of every single click on it. all you need just costume allies your URL and share it anywhere. Normally, for social sharing websites like Twitter, facebook, Linkdin est. In Twitter, where long url shorter your tweet’s length, this tool will help your to shrink up your URL and lengthen up your tweet size. We are providing a unique platform for every one to get very short and tiny URLs for your long URLs exceeding form 10 to 20 characters. It will help you to hide your original URL and replace it with very short and tiny URL to make it shareable. one of our short link tool converter example is given below:

Orginal URL: http://proxy.move.pk/proxy-list.php
Short URL: http://sl.move.pk/ydfz4
The long Length Url converted into a short tiny URL in just a second that’s the power of you really own free URL shortener tool

Why We need to shorten URLs

There are many reasons to short URLs to make it visible for public. Some of main reasons to shorten URLs are given below:

  1. Limited Characters in a Tweet: As we all know that Twitter comes with limited characters tweets of minimum 140 characters. So you cannot post a tweet with more than 140 characters and to share a Long URL make you difficult to write some tweet while sharing. That's why you to tweet others with specific URL you have to make it shorten for Twitter.
  2. Monitor Traffic with Short URLs: As we have mentioned that the Main reason of URL shorten is to create tiny URLs for your Twitter sharing, But you can also share these tiny URLs on other Social Media Websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Tumbler and many others. It will help you to monitor your traffic via Short URLs and you can enjoy your web experience with Social Media and you can also enhance your traffic more and more via Social Media.

Some Precautions

There are many benefits of having a short URL for your link but there are also some side effects of Short URLs. Some precautions about tiny URLs is given below:

  • As we know that Tiny URLs hide the original URL and help you to redirect you towards original URL. So its easy to share links of some malicious website which can destroy or harm your computer. Be aware while clicking some tiny URL from any Social Media. We suggest you to click only such type of Short URLs which share by your trusty and verified accounts.
  • You have to get short URLs from only trusted and well Known websites, We are one of them we provide 100% accurate and malicious free tiny URL service from many years.